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Exam Code: FC0-U11
Exam Name: CompTIA Strata Fundamentals of PC Functionality
Vendor: CompTIA

111 Questions & Answers
Last update: Jun 27,20
Verified by IT Certification Professionals

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CompTIA FC0-U11 Exam Tips

Which of the following is a public key infrastructure model where certificates are issued and revoked via a CA (Certificate Authority) an example of?

A. A managed model.
B. A distributed model.
C. A centralized model. (correct)
D. A standard model.

In centralized key management the certificate authority has complete control over the entire process. Many users aren't comfortable with someone else having access to their private keys, and don't feel personally secure with this solution.

What should be done with a cryptographic system's keys when they are no longer needed?

A. They should be destroyed or stored in a secure manner. (correct)
B. They should be deleted from the system's storage mechanism.
C. They should be recycled.
D. They should be submitted to a key repository.

Incorrect:Deleting a key isn't necessarily a good idea because one day in the future, you may need the key again. Recycling keys or submitting to a key repository isn't necessary because a cryptographic key isn't a physical key made out of metal.

Identify the assessment utility that would indicate whether a password was sent across the network in clear text?

A. A vulnerability scanner can be used.
B. A password cracker can be used.
C. A protocol analyzer can be used. (correct)
D. A port scanner can be used.

Identify the protocol that makes use of private key / public key technology to protect the web site?

A. You should use the Access Control List (ACL) protocol.
B. You should use the SSL protocol. (correct)
C. You should use the Media Access Control (MAC) protocol.
D. You should use the TCP protocol.

Which protocol stores a shared key for the network resource and use symmetric key cryptography and Key Distribution Center (KDC)?

A. The Kerberos authentication protocol will accomplish this. (correct)
B. The TACACS+ authentication protocol will accomplish this.
C. The PKI authentication protocol will accomplish this.
D. The RADIUS authentication protocol will accomplish this. uses a VPN for remote users to connect to the network. You discovered that numerous security associations were created with every connection being more secure. Identify the best security association for every user?

A. You should implement Advanced Encryption Standard (AES).
B. You should implement Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA).
C. You should implement Triple-Des (3DES).
D. You should implement Internet Key Exchange (IKE). (correct)

Which of the following access control principle dictates that every user be given the most restricted privileges?

A. Control permissions
B. Least privilege (correct)
C. Hierarchical permissions
D. Access mode

The access control principle of least privilege is about giving each user's the bare minimum amount of access, just enough so they can perform their task and nothing else. So by limiting employee access from the inside, security will be easier to implement, and the risk of social engineering attacks or mistakes are reduced.

With regard to RBAC (Role Based Access Control), which of the following best describes the relation between users, roles and operations?

A. Multiple users, single role and single operation.
B. Multiple users, single role and multiple operations.
C. Single user, single role and single operation.
D. Multiple users, multiple roles and multiple operations. (correct)

Role based access control is also known as discretionary access control. Different company operations have a list of potential resources, and within this department there are numerous potential roles each requiring access to some of the operations resources, and within each role fits multiple users who perform the same role.

Which of the following provides the best protection against physical piggybacking?

A. Man trap. (correct)
B. Security guard.
C. CCTV (Closed-Circuit Television).
D. Biometrics.

Piggybacking is when an intruder waits for a legitimate user to enter a door, sneaks up behind them, and follows them in during the brief window of time. It is a popular method of access in spy and detective movies. Since security guards are famous for not paying attention, closed-circuit television requires a security guard to monitor, and biometrics are just an elaborate 'key' that has no additional protection against piggybacking; the best solution is a man trap. A man trap is a holding cell between two entry points, similar to a revolving door. Only one person can fit in at once, and a person has to wait alone in that man trap before a security guard can let them in.