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Exam Code: EE0-200
Exam Name: Certified LANDesk Engineer 8.5
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75 Questions & Answers
Last update: Nov 09,19
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Exam Express EE0-200 Exam Tips

You are using a workflow that employs three concurrent usertasks used for reviewing Web development work: "ReviewGene", "ReviewFrancis" and "ReviewKelly". Referring to the above, which one of the following statements is true?

A. TeamSite Authors are the only ones who can own review tasks.
B. Reviewers may be able to modify files as part of their task. (correct)
C. Reviewers must login as Editors.
D. TeamSite Authors cannot own review tasks.
E. Reviewers can never modify files, so review tasks must have the read-only attribute set to "t."

Which one of the following content types makes effective use of the TeamSite merge facility?

A. Java .jsp files (correct)
B. Java .class files
C. Microsoft Office .doc files
D. Graphical .jpeg files
E. Photoshop .psd files

A customer has changed the TeamSite proxy port. The modifications have been placed in the iw.cfg file, but the virtualization is not working. Referring to the above scenario, what do you do to fix this?

A. Stop and restart the Access service/daemon.
B. Stop and restart the iwproxy service/daemon. (correct)
C. Stop and restart the TeamSite service/daemon.
D. Stop and restart the Web server services/daemons.
E. Stop and restart the Interwoven Servlet Engine.

The customer uses an HTML development tool that creates temporary files with a ".thtml" extension. These files are created in the same directory as the HTML file that is being authored. The .thtml files should not be versioned. Referring to the above scenario, how do you configure TeamSite so that .thtml files are NOT submitted?

A. Modify "available_templates.cfg" so that .thtml files are submitted to a different branch.
B. Add a rule to "submit.cfg" that blocks .thtml files from being submitted.
C. Create a submit filter in "iw.cfg" that blocks .thtml files.
D. Modify "templating.cfg" so that .thtml files are stored in templatedata instead of the staging area.
E. Add a rule to "autoprivate.cfg" for .thtml files. (correct)

On a branch with many developers and many workareas, what is the reason to require testing and approval before a developer submits changes to the staging area?

A. Submitting many files can be time-consuming.
B. Errors contained in production files are easier to fix than when the files are still under development.
C. Submitting files causes the content store space to be consumed equal to the total sizes of the submitted files.
D. Testing of submitted files cannot be scheduled after a new edition is created.
E. Errors contained in submitted files are propagated as the other workareas are updated. (correct)

A TeamSite administrator adds an item to the top of a element in a TeamSite FormsPublisher datacapture.cfg file. After the modification, and in the same workarea, a TeamSite user attempts to use ContentCenter to edit a pre-existing Data Content Record (DCR) of the same category and type. What will happen when the user opens the DCR?

A. The TeamSite Intelligent File System prevents the TeamSite administrator from saving a modified datacapture.cfg file.
B. The TeamSite user receives an XML validation error message.
C. The TeamSite user receives an XML validation error message when the user attempts to save the DCR.
D. The current DCR values are displayed; the new item's value is empty. (correct)
E. The current DCR values are displayed; the values of the items are shifted up, leaving the value of the last item empty.

At a client site one day, you are asked to create a new TeamSite user. The project manager tells you that the new user will have to perform the following tasks: she will own a workarea, initiate workflows, and will periodically create new editions. The project manager wants you to assign her a role that gives her the fewest capabilities within TeamSite while still allowing her to perform the tasks required above. Given the above scenario, what role do you assign the new TeamSite user?

A. Editor (correct)
B. Administrator
C. Master
D. Author
E. Approver

At a client site, you are asked to create a new TeamSite user called "ts_user" as an "Editor." So, you add the "ts_user" ID to the editor.uid file. Immediately after doing so, you attempt logging in as an Editor with the "ts_user" ID, but you get an error saying: "ts_user is not a valid TeamSite user." "ts_user" is already a valid user account on the server operating system. Given the above scenario, what do you need to do in order to allow "ts_user" to log in to TeamSite?

A. ts_user must exist in the author.uid file as well.
B. ts_user needs to be added to the UID file before being created on the Operating System.
C. Run the iwreset command line tool. (correct)
D. ts_user needs to be added to the TeamSite Web Preview group.
E. The Web server must be stopped and restarted.

You are attempting to modify a workflow for your client and want to adjust the look and feel of the instantiation form, but you cannot remember how to do it. In which one of the following manuals is this information covered?

A. TeamSite Workflow Developer's Guide (correct)
B. TeamSite User's Guide
C. TeamSite Administration Guide
D. TeamSite FormsPublisher Developer's Guide
E. TeamSite FormsPublisher User's Guide

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