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Exam Code: EE0-071
Exam Name: Actuate Certified Professional Developer - Release 7
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50 Questions & Answers
Last update: Oct 29,19
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Exam Express EE0-071 Exam Tips

You are installing TeamSite on a Windows 2000 server. After installation, you test content upload by placing a simple text file in the root of the workarea and preview it, but the preview fails, reporting that the requested file was not found. Which one of the following is the correct diagnosis for the above problem?

A. The current user does not have read access to the file.
B. The iwsamba service is not running.
C. The Intelligent File System driver has not started, making previews via iw-mount invalid. (correct)
D. The TeamSite iwserver service did not start due to a license violation.
E. The Interwoven Web daemon iwwebd service needs to be manually started the first time you try to preview a file.

Consider the following scenarios: Client 1 uses OpenDeploy with all the default parameters set. Client 2 uses OpenDeploy with the "revert" option specified. Given the above scenario, what is something you may find in Client 2's OpenDeploy log but will NOT find in Client 1's OpenDeploy log?

A. type-different
B. src-is-newer
C. missing-in-dest
D. missing-in-src
E. src-is-older (correct)

A TeamSite server contains five hundred users in each role file. A TeamSite administrator adds a user to a roles file and runs the command line tool (CLT) iwreset. The user immediately tries to log in to TeamSite under his new role, but his login attempt fails. The CLT iwckrole returns "NO" when invoked with the user login and role. Which one of the following choices correctly explains why the user CANNOT log in to TeamSite in the above scenario?

A. The user is already logged in at another machine.
B. The user already belongs to another TeamSite role.
C. The user is entering the wrong password.
D. The TeamSite server has exceeded its license capacity and will not accept new users.
E. The TeamSite server is loading the new role file. (correct)

A customer has a staging Web server located off-site through a firewall. The customer would like a strategy that allows it to preview and QA its content on this server before moving the code to production so any fixes or changes can be made last minute. Which one of the following solutions achieves the customer's goals?

A. Create a custom workflow to move the Web content to the staging server and then use OpenDeploy to transfer it to the content creators' workareas for QA to preview.
B. Use a sub-branch for content creators. Transfer versioned content to upper-tier branch, submit, create new edition, and deploy edition from upper-tier branch to the Staging Server. If approved by QA, re-deploy to production. (correct)
C. Set up OpenDeploy to do a time based deployment from all the workareas to the staging server based on the customer specification.
D. Create a custom workflow to move the Web content created within the content creators' workareas to the production server via OpenDeploy. If the content is then approved by QA, re-deploy all the content to the staging server.
E. Use a single branch to deploy directly from the content creators' workarea. If the content is correct, submit the files to the staging server.

After installing TeamSite, a TeamSite administrator wants to install the example FormsPublisher files. Where can the administrator find example FormsPublisher files?

A. Example files are installed in the iw-home/examples directory. (correct)
B. During installation, the administrator is prompted for a branch and workarea to install example files.
C. Example files are installed in the default/iwexamples directory.
D. Example files can be downloaded from the library.
E. Example files are installed in the iw-home/local/config/templating/examples directory.

One of your users is complaining about the performance of Local File Manager. He feels that the extra step of uploading content after saving is too hard to remember. The user works inside the corporate local network on a Windows 2000 Professional system. Based on the above scenario, which one of the following steps must you take in order to enable Local File Manager to connect to the TeamSite server in direct mode?

A. In iwlaunch.cfg on the client machine, add a section called [direct]. Within the section, create a key called "server_mount" and set it to "true."
B. In iwlaunch.cfg on the TeamSite server, add a section called [direct]. Within the section, create a key called "server_mount" and set it to "true."
C. In Local File Manager Setup, select "Remote Setup" tab and enter the IP address and port number for the TeamSite server.
D. In Local File Manager Setup, select "Remote Setup" tab and map a local path to the main branch vpath in the desired store. (correct)
E. In iw.cfg, create a [Local File Manager] section. Within the section, create a key called "directmode" and set it to "true."

Your client has asked you to change from mandatory write locking to submit locking on a given branch. In the scenario above, how do you satisfy the request?

A. Change the lock_model flag in the [iwserver] section of iw.cfg from "mandatory" to "submit" and run iwreset.
B. Use the iwchangelockmodel command-line tool.
C. On Windows, right-click File Properties on the branch and change the lock model. On UNIX, cd to the branch and use "chgrp a+g".
D. Create a new branch with submit locking and copy the contents from the original branch to the new branch. (correct)
E. Edit the lock configuration file in the content store.

When creating a new TeamSite workarea, which one of the following can the user NOT specify?

A. Owner
B. Share group
C. Name
D. Locking Model (correct)
E. Comment

TeamSite has just been installed on a new server. After rebooting the server and logging into the server, a shell prompt/command window is opened. Referring to the above, WITHOUT modifying the PATH environment variable, which one of the following command-line tools (CLTs) can be successfully run from any directory?

A. iwgetmount
B. iwgetstore
C. iwgethome (correct)
D. iwgetlog
E. iwgetlocation

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