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Exam Code: EE0-065
Exam Name: Interwoven TeamSite 6.5 Technical Consultant
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189 Questions & Answers
Last update: Oct 10,19
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Which Interwoven command-line tool can be used to generate the information needed to create a new TeamSite license key?

A. tsisvalid
B. tspostreboot
C. tsgenkey
D. tslicinfo (correct)
E. tsgeninfo

On a Windows 2000 server named "TEAMSITE," which is running IIS, why is a TSIMP_TEAMSITE user created during the TeamSite installation process?

A. A special, known, user account is needed to allow IIS to log TeamSite error messages correctly.
B. TeamSite requires a user account to be created that will serve as the owner of the TeamSite server process.
C. TeamSite requires this user account to be placed in each of the four roles files.
D. IIS requires a user account to be created that contains the name of the product that it will be hosting.
E. A special, known, user account is needed to allow IIS to impersonate the logged-in user. (correct)

A company has five employees who will be TeamSite users. One of these employees, Employee 1, needs to own the "main" branch and to perform administrative maintenance on the TeamSite server. The remaining four employees, Employees 2 through 5, need to own their own sub-branches to create workareas, to kickoff workflows, and to create new editions regularly. Based on the above scenario, what TeamSite roles do you assign to the five employees?

A. Make all five employees Editors.
B. Make all five employees Administrators.
C. Make Employee 1 an Editor and Employees 2 through 5 Authors.
D. Make Employee 1 a Master and make Employees 2 through 5 Administrators. (correct)
E. Make Employee 1 an Administrator and Employees 2 through 5 Editors.

TeamSite is installed and is running correctly on a Windows 2000 server. The server is added to a new Windows domain and is re-booted. After the server has come back up, none of the users can log on to TeamSite. Based on the scenario above, what is causing the problem?

A. The TeamSite server must be re-booted to recognize the new Windows domain.
B. When the Windows domain was changed, all ACLs in the content store were irretrievably lost.
C. The new Windows domain requires anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour to propagate its security database to the new server.
D. The new domain does not trust the Windows domain in which the user accounts are defined. (correct)
E. TeamSite does not recognize Windows domains and cannot operate as a domain member.

On a Windows platform, what is the proper syntax for specifying authentication domains for TeamSite users in iw.cfg?

A. [main] use_domain_authentication=yes
B. [domains] domain1 ,domain2,domain3
C. [iwserver] domain_list=domain1 ,domain2,domain3 (correct)
D. [main] domainlist= domain1,domain2,domain3
E. [iwserver] auth_domains=domain1 ,domain2,domain3

TeamSite is running on a UNIX server, and most users connect to it from Windows 2000 client systems that are part of a Windows domain. After setting up the system, clients are unable to use Local File Manager in direct mode. The error message indicates an authentication failure. Which one of the following solves the above problem?

A. Configure Local File Manager to pass unencrypted passwords to the Samba process on the TeamSite server.
B. Start the Samba client running on the client systems.
C. Apply SP1 to the Windows 2000 clients.
D. Configure Samba to use the local Windows domain controller. (correct)
E. Restart Samba running on the TeamSite server.

A customer has a TeamSite server located in San Francisco and wants to deploy to a Web server that is co-located in New York. The company has a corporate firewall in San Francisco and its hosting provider has a firewall in New York, but the deployment between the two will go over the public Internet. Assume OpenDeploy is configured using port 20014. Referring to the above scenario, what do you need to have the customer do in order to enable this deployment?

A. Make sure that port 20014 on the New York firewall is open.
B. Open port 20014 on the New York firewall and use asymmetric key encryption.
C. Open ports 20014 and 1080 on the San Francisco firewall and port 1080 on the New York firewall.
D. Make sure that port 20014 on both firewalls is open. (correct)
E. Make sure that port 20014 on the San Francisco firewall is open.

Which of the below is a read-only area that shows the contents of the staging area at a specific time in the past?

A. Content store
B. Workarea
C. Edition (correct)
D. Staging Area
E. File system

By default on Windows 2000, which one of the following log files do you check to see if your TeamSite server process has started?

A. iw-home\conf\iwevents.log
B. C:\WINNT\System32\logfiles\iwserver.log
C. iw-home\local\logs\iwserver.log (correct)
D. iw-home\local\logs\iwservices.log
E. iw-home\conf\iwserver.log

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