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Exam Code: EE0-011
Exam Name: ATG Certified Relationship Management Developer
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87 Questions & Answers
Last update: Oct 20,19
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Which class should you extend to implement custom functionality that allows an administrator to log out a user selected from a drop-down list?

A. atg.userprofiling.ProfileEventTrigger
B. atg.userprofiling.ProfileTools
C. atg.userprofiling.ProfileForm (correct)
D. atg.userprofiling.ProfileFormHandler
E. atg.userprofiling.SessionManager

You want to create a custom profile called MyProfile. Unfortunately, you are already using many targeting rules that refer to the standard Profile. To retain the validity of these references in your targeting rules, you should _____.

A. set up a custom RuleSetService to send all references to the new MyProfile
B. set up a RuleBasedRepositoryTargeter , pointing this to your new repository item type referenced by MyProfile
C. reconfigure all existing rules to refer explicitly to the MyProfile component
D. set up the TargetingSourceMap to map the MyProfile to the Profile reference (correct)

The type of a repository item property is defined using component-item-type only if the item's data-type is a collection and _____.

A. its elements are references to other repository items (correct)
B. its elements are Java primitive types
C. its elements are references to components
D. a one-to-many mapping is being described

Given the following code fragment: import atg.repository .*; ... public void MyMethod ( RepositoryItem item) { String name = (String) item.getPropertyValue ( "name"); Which two statements are true? (Choose two.)

A. The item's ID is obtained by invoking item.getRepositoryId ( ). (correct)
B. The name property of the item is changed to "Robert" by invoking item.setPropertyValue ( "name", "Robert").
C. item is an instance of the RepositoryItem class.
D. item is an implementation of the RepositoryItem interface. (correct)

In order to use the targeting features of the ACC, a content repository must _____.

A. contain the meta-data and the content itself in the same data source
B. be listed in the initialRepositories property of the ContentRepositories component (correct)
C. be built without using repository item inheritance and can only have non- multivalued properties
D. be structured with content folder items and content items

Given two method calls in a transactional system: 1) method A, which requires its own transaction 2) method B, which requires that a rollback of its own operation also rolls back the operation of method A Method A calls method B. Which is the most appropriate transaction demarcation mode for each method, respectively?

A. RequiresNew , RequiresNew
B. Requires, RequiresNew
C. RequiresNew , Required (correct)
D. Required, Required

When using a UNIX system to host the TeamSite content store, what is the recommended cluster size setting for the content store partition?

A. 100 KB
B. 10 KB
C. 1 KB (correct)
D. 256 bytes
E. 8 KB

Which one of the following directories CANNOT have its location reconfigured on a UNIX TeamSite installation?

A. /iwserver (correct)
B. /iw-default
C. /iwmnt
D. iw-store
E. iw-home

A user complains that he can use Local File Manager in direct mode in his office. When he connects across the Internet from home by dialing in to his Internet Service Provider (ISP), he must use Local File Manager in remote mode. He is using the same Windows 2000 Professional notebook computer at both locations. Which one of the following is the cause of the above problem?

A. Local File Manager cannot run in direct mode on dial-up connections because of the low bandwidth.
B. TeamSite does not allow connections that come from outside the local domain.
C. Direct mode cannot be used unless both client and server are on the same local network. (correct)
D. The ISP must enable support for Local File Manager by opening port 8080.
E. TeamSite does not allow authentication requests that come from outside the local subnet.

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