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Exam Code: 220-802
Exam Name: CompTIA A+ Certification Exam (220-802)
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Vendor: CompTIA

993 Questions & Answers
Last update: Nov 09,19
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CompTIA 220-802 Exam Tips

What may be mapped at address range D0000 to FFFFF (192KB)?

A. Video RAM
B. System ROMs
C. Adapter ROMs (correct)
D. Video adapter

At the address range of D0000 to FFFFF (192KB) is where adapter ROMs may be mapped.
Incorrect Answer:
A: Video RAM is mapped at address range
A0000 to BFFFF (128KB)
depending on the type of video card.
B: The System ROMs is mapped at address range
E0000 to FFFFF (128K) and BIOS and BIOS 'echo' may be mapped here.
D: The Video adapter is the physical media itself.

The technician wants to know with nonintegrated system boards what a re the most common form factors (choose all that apply)?

B. AT (correct)
C. NLX (correct)
D. ATX (correct)

The most common mother board form factors were the AT, ATX and NLX motherboards.

You are the technician charged with making a bootable diskette. In the DOS prompt you will type FORMAT A: /S. what does the /S stands for?

A. It tells you to go to safe mode.
B. It tells you were the floppy drive is.
C. The /S parameter instructs DOS to include the DOS 'system files' . (correct)
D. None of the above

The /S parameter instructs DOS to include the DOS 'system files' on the floppy after formatting it.

The new trainee technician wants to know w hat will appear on the screen when the DOS bootable diskette is finished . How will you reply?

A. The screen will go blank.
B. The 'System Transferred' message will appear . (correct)
C. The system will restart.
D. None of the above

When the computer is done, the 'System Transferred' message will appear, telling you that the computer has finished making the disk bootable.

A client wants to know w hat the problem is because her computer beeps continuously.

A. Power supply problem
B. Video card failure
C. Bad floppy drive, cable, or controller
D. Power supply bad, not plugged into motherboard correctly, or keyboard stuck (correct)

When your computer beeps continuously it means that you either have a Power supply bad, not plugged into motherboard correctly, or keyboard stuck problem.

What can be done to improve performance on a system if the CPU utilization is often above 75% throughout the work day?

A. Upgrade the CPU (correct)
B. Increase the RAM
C. Upgrade the hard drive
D. Upgrade network adapter

Which of the following will you advise the new trainee technician NOT to do when repairing a printer. (Choose all the apply)

A. If you examine the toner cartridge, you should shake it to hear if there is any toner left. (correct)
B. You should turn the toner cartridge upside down to see if there is any toner left. (correct)
C. Put an object into the feeding system in an attempt to clear the path as the printer is running. (correct)
D. None of the above.

A, B:
When handling a toner cartridge from a laser printer or page printer, do not shake or turn the cartridge upside down. You will find yourself spending more time cleaning the printer and the surrounding area than you would have spent to fix the printer.
C: You can damage the parts of the feeding system.

The new trainee technician wants to know how many transistors are housed by the Intel 486SX processor. How will you reply?

A. 9.5 million
B. 1.185 million (correct)
C. 275,000
D. 5.5 million

The Intel 486SX processor
houses 1.185 million transistors.
Incorrect Answer:
The Pentium III Xeon houses 9.5 million transistors.
The Pentium Pro houses 5.5 million transistors.
The 386DX houses 275,000 transistors.

Which of the following is used to automate the IP configuration of network hosts ?

C. DHCP (correct)

DHCP is responsible for automating the IP configuration of DHCP clients.

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