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Exam Code: 220-801
Exam Name: CompTIA A+ Certification Exam
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Vendor: CompTIA

1110 Questions & Answers
Last update: Jul 23,19
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CompTIA 220-801 Exam Tips

The new trainee technician wants to know what the purpose of the CMOS memory is. How will you reply?

A. Store BIOS settings (correct)
B. Configure devices
C. Configure IRQ's
D. Configure DMA's

The function of the CMOS memory is to store the BIOS settings and the CMOS memory is battery backed to save the settings when power is turned off.

Which of the following coaxial cable s has an impedance of 75 ohms? (Choose two)

A. RG58
B. RG8
C. RG6 (correct)
D. RG59 (correct)

C: The characteristic impedance of RG6 cable is 75 ohms.
D: The characteristic impedance of RG59 cable is 75 ohms.

A customer called in on the help-line to report a non-functioning PC . What questions will you ask the customer?

A. Is the system ready ? (correct)
B. Is it turned on? (correct)
C. Where did you buy your computer?
D. Is it plugged in? (correct)
E. Have any other changes been made to the computer recently?

A: Computers must be ready before they can be used.
'Ready' means that the system is ready to accept commands from the user.
An indication that a computer is ready is when the operating system screens
come up and the computer presents you with a menu or a command prompt.
If that computer uses a graphical interface, the computer is ready when the
mouse pointer appears. Printers are ready when the 'On Line' or 'Ready'
light on the front panel is lit.
B: Computers and their peripherals must be turned
on in order to function. Most have power switches that have LEDs that glow when the power is turned on.
D: Cables must be plugged in on both ends in order to function correctly. Cables can be easily tripped over and inadvertently pulled from their sockets.

The new trainee technician wants to know what the danger is when opening the power supply . How will you reply?

A. You can break the circuit board.
B. You can electrocute yourself. (correct)
C. You can connect the wires wrong.
D. None of the above.

The current flowing through the power supply normally follows a complete circuit; when your body breaks that circuit, your body becomes a part of the circuit.

Which socket type supports t he 486 SX/SX2, 486 DX/DX2, 486 DX4, OverDrive, 486 Pentium OverDrive processors?

A. Socket 7
B. Socket 8
C. Socket 2 (correct)
D. Socket 6

The Socket 2 motherboard supports the
486 SX/SX2, 486 DX/DX2, 486 DX4, OverDrive, 486 Pentium OverDrive processors.

When you boot a DOS/Windows computer 'clean', what files is necessary to start the system?

A. The LPT1 .
B. The DOS configuration files. (correct)
C. The software related files.
D. None of the above

The AUTOEXEC.BAT or CONFIG.SYS (the two DOS configuration files) is the necessary memory
managers and settings to get the computer up and running.

The administrator asks you how many VESA slots are available on the typical 486 motherboard . How will you reply?

A. 3 (correct)
B. 5
C. 7
D. 2

The typical 486 motherboards produced back in the day have only three available VESA slots.

A client has an IBM system. She phone to report that the system is dead and there is no beep. What will you advise her to do?

A. Open the casing and see if there are any loose wires.
B. Replace the monitor.
C. There is no power; the system is not plugged in. (correct)
D. Bring the system in for a service.

A dead system indicates that there is no power connected to the system. Thus it is obvious that the system is not plugged in.

A customer has a computer with a Socket 7 connector. She wants to upgrade the processor. Which of the following processors can the customer use?

A. Pentium II
B. Pentium Pro
C. Pentium 66
D. Pentium 133 (correct)

The Socket 7 connector can accept a Pentium processor of 75 MHz or more.

In a private enterprise environment, an employee telephones and requests that the password be reset. A technician verifies the employee's information and resets the password. Which of the following would be the BEST way to document this telephone call?

A. Reset password for the employee and document the new password.
B. Document that the user requested a password reset and that the password was reset as the user requested.
C. Document the user's name, telephone number, the request made and the action taken. (correct)
D. Email the user's new password to the user's supervisor.

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